Unicut Hospitality Uniforms for Schools

Unicut supplies schools with Hospitality and Food & Beverage clothing using the unique “Try-on box” method:

  1. We dispatch a set of uniforms with a range of sizes in the package of choice
  2. The teacher tries them on the students and records the sizes.
  3. This form is emailed back to us and we pack individually for each student.
  4. The uniforms are dispatched as a bulk order on the date specified by the teacher.

Payment Method:

  • Either the school pays Unicut or the students pay Unicut direct through the website or via phone or email.
  • If the school chooses to pay for a bulk order, we require a purchase order or payment by credit card.
  • Students are given a cut-off date by which they have to pay. Late students whose orders miss the bulk order cut-off date will be sent separately and will incur freight.


  • Freight is free to all schools for try-ons but schools outside the Sydney metro are required to pay the return try-on freight.
  • A second attempt to collect a try-on parcel will incur a freight charge.
  • Freight is free for orders over 10 students for the first dispatch of uniforms to all schools.
  • Return parcels must be addressed to:
    • UNICUT, 2 Grahams Hill Rd, NARELLAN  NSW  2567

Ordering online:

  • Log on to website
  • In the search bar, enter in the code you want to purchase and click on the Package
  • Add to cart then click on the cart tab at the top right corner of the page
  • Add your address & change your freight to Local pickup
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fill out all your details. Make sure to include the
    STUDENTS NAME (not the parents name), and the school the student attends.
  • Place order, thank you!

Forms and Flyers

Click form to download